Darryn is a South African landscape and travel photographer based in the United Kingdom. 


Darryn is a landscape photographer based in Surrey, England.

Spending most of his life on the East coast of South Africa he developed a love for seascape and in particular long exposure photography.

After moving to England in 2015, Darryn realised that a whole new world had just opened up for him photographically. Surrey is home to some of the most enchanted, magical woodland and forests in the whole of England. His woodland gallery in his portfolio shows this as he has captured them from season to season, and for him, this is fast becoming one of his favourite genres, as each outing into these magical woods offers new and challenging aspects, and is one of the most peaceful places to be.

Darryn’s passion for nature and the Landscape is portrayed through his images, and he hopes that those viewing his work are equally inspired, moved, and even if for a fraction of a second may feel like they have been able to escape to that place mentally , or better, one day go there in person.

Accolades and publications.

  • Front cover 2018 landscape photographer of the year book and commended.

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